4 essential items you want to bring on your cruise.


It’s the little things that count. That is why you would want to add these 4 items to your travel checklist.

Hand Sanitizer – You may be thinking “Why on earth would I bring hand sanitizer, they have plenty of stations on the ships” Well I find it helpful to have my own in many cases.

  1. When walking into the main dining room on most ships there are hand sanitizing stations and usually people are crowded around them eager to get germ free hands. If you bring your own you can walk right pass everyone and sit down and enjoy your own personal sized sanitizer.
  2. When in port hand sanitizing stations are not as common as they are on the ships. If you are anything like me and don’t go to normal places like Margaritaville but instead a place where you can actually emerge with the local culture you will find that hand washing is usually not an option. Having your own sanitizer is usually a great way to help fight getting sick.

Clorox Wipes/Lysol spray – Yes we would like to believe that our room stewards are perfect at keeping our room 100% germ free but in actuality this isn’t the case. Many things like remotes, door handles, sink handles and the toilet flusher still carry germs from previous guess. Packing Clorox wipes/Lysol Spray (or any disinfectant) in your carry on and sanitizing as soon as you get in your stateroom can help fight many germs you may be exposed to.

Air freshener/Just a drop – Ahhhh, air freshener, the one essential that don’t even cross most people minds. Although our staterooms are beautiful and cozy they are typically smaller than most hotel rooms. When someone has to utilize the in stateroom bathroom for natural bodily functions, odors can sometime escape into the room. Although newer ships have excellent ventilation this can still be a problem on older ships. We recommend just a drop because its more compact and it works excellently.

Over the door shoe Organizer – As previously stated cruise stateroom have limited space, so unpacking and keeping things out and organized is not as easy as one may think. Many have already been let in in this “secret” but if you are new to cruising then you may not have heard about it yet. Most staterooms have limited counter space in the bathroom so bringing a over the door shoe organizer may just be the right thing for you.  Be careful though because sometimes hanging these on your bathroom door can eventually lead to wear and tear on the bathroom doors which lead to Carnival Cruise Line banning the use of these. To avoid your being confiscated on CCL you can easily hang it in you stateroom closet instead. Now this product may not always be necessary because many stateroom offer plenty of space such as Suites or the Deluxe oceanview room on Carnival that offers 2 bathrooms and an extra closet.

Essential items