How to find out what ships will dock with you in port.

newAnytime I arrive at a port one of the first things I look for are other cruise ships. I love taking pictures of them and seeing what route they normally sail week after week. I also like to plan my cruises based off what other ships will be in port. For instance if my ship is calling in St. Thomas I prefer there to be no Oasis Class ship or more than 1 other ship joining us as it gets too crowded. If we are calling in Grand Turk, Carnival Cruise Line private destination, I prefer for for us to be the only ship in port.


So there are numerous of resources to see what other cruise ships will dock with you. Some good and some bad. Some extremely accurate and some not. So here a list of a few resources. 

  • We highly recommend this website over the others. Why? We have been using for several years now and have found that they are the most accurate, update the quickest and also show charter sailings as well. This website is especially great because its so simple and gives you several ways to search. You can look up ships by cruise line or look up ports by country.

  • Cruise Cal is a great resource as well. This website places all ships in aphabeitcal order and lets say for instance you are on the Empress of the Seas you can click the drop down, scroll down to the E’s and choose Empress of the Seas. Once you chose the ship and click search you can chose the particular sailing date and the website will display a chart that shows all the ports that ship is visiting and what ships will be with it.

  • This website has earned a spot in our least favorite seat. This website is not always accurate as well as some sailings tend to be missing from time to time. What can be particularly frustrating is when you look up what ships will be in port with you on this website and when you arrive those ships are not there.Those ships were taken off the itinerary months ago. With all of these mishaps this website can still be useful as it still does offer accurate information.