Carnival Magic Review Day 1 – Embarkation

We recently took a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean on the Carnival Magic. The ports of call were Amber Cove, St. Thomas, San Juan and Grand Turk. The Magic was the second Carnival cruise I have taken and was the better of the two. My other Carnival Cruise was on Carnival Breeze to the Western Caribbean in November 2015. While that cruise was pretty satisfying it does not compare to the Carnival Magic. Carnival Magic from Port Canaveral should definitely be a cruise on your bucket list. Carnival switches ships homeports from time to time so be sure to book the cruise as soon as you can.

Many things made Carnival Magic the best cruise I have taken. First was the super fast embarkation. We arrived at the port at approximately 11:15 and was in the ship by 11:25. Security lines were no wait and quick; there were a huge number of checkin counters which made check in extremely fast. Once we obtained our sail passes we were told we could immediately board the ship. Hundreds of people were already onboard. Last year on the Breeze it took about two and a half hours to board the ship in Miami. I was very impressed by Port Canaveral staff.

Once we were onboard we had to hit up our favorite spot from our last cruise, Guys Burger. This is one burger that does not disappoint. The line was extremely long when we arrived but it moved so quickly that it took about one minute to receive my food. Impressive.

While we are at this moment I have to mention the whole lido deck had signs stating that no smoking allowed at the time because of refueling is in progress. I witnessed two ladies sit down at a table that had one of the signs on it and start smoking. One of the musicians, a drummer I believe, noticed this and immediately came over to ask the ladies to put the cigarettes out and pointed at the sign. One of the ladies got seriously angry and stormed off. Basically, my point is please don’t be that person that puts everyone’s life in danger because you don’t want to follow rules that are in place for your safety. There are other places to smoke in the meantime while the ship is refueling.

After sitting and chatting with friends for an hour it was almost 1 o’clock so we went to see if our room was ready. We had a cove balcony on deck 2. The room is like any other Carnival balcony stateroom except its on a much lower floor. This make the balconies more enclosed and more private. It was my favorite balcony of any cruise I ever been on, very private. No one from any other balcony can peep their heads over like other balcony staterooms.

We sat in our room for a little while before it was time for the muster drill. Our muster station was on the second level (deck 4) of the mid ship restaurant (Northern Lights). This muster drill took the longest out of any of my cruises because for some reason people could not find their way to their muster stations. What made up for it though was that it was the quietest, most attentive muster drill I have ever attended. This is thanks to Dr. E the Cruise Director of the Carnival Magic. He presents the muster drill in several entertaining voices that kept everyone quiet and attentive. Thanks Dr. E. 

After the muster drill we went to the Serenity deck to watch the sail away. As we got to the Serenity deck Carnival Valor was departing on her 8 day cruise. After Valor was out of the way we followed and then Disney Fantasy after us. All my previous cruises left from Miami so this was the quickest we ever got out to sea.

Once we made it out to sea my friends got in the hot tub on the Serenity deck for about an hour before taking a ride down the Twister water slide. My favorite slide the Drain pipe was closed at the time. At about 7:30 we headed back to the room to get ready. On this cruise we chose anytime dining since we cruised with a friend who is never on time and we didn’t want to inconvenience anyone else. We arrived at the Anytime dining room, Northern Lights at about 8:30 and was immediately taken to a table. I was a bit nervous about this dining because reviews from few the weeks ahead of our cruise commonly mentioned the wait time for a table to be from 30 minutes to even as high as one and a half hours. Nevertheless we were paired with a head waiter named Nakisha from Jamaica. She was probably the largest part of making our cruise the best ever. We requested to be paired with her multiple times. She was very attentive, funny, kind and beautiful. Although her beauty had nothing to do with why we enjoyed her. 

So last year on the Breeze we had the American Table menu. I had no expectations about the food because I read so many negative reviews online before the trip. The food was flavorless, cold and/or dried out. Only one meal I enjoyed on the Carnival Breeze and that was on the final evening. The dish is called Tiger Shrimp Creole and I highly recommend it.

This go around with the American Table menu on the Carnival Magic my experience was completely different, my food was delicious.

It was warm and for the most part flavorful. I usually order 2 appetizers, 2 entrees, and 1 desert. I’m on vacation so I do not mind pigging out. For dessert have the fruit. They are extremely fresh, juicy and sweet.

After dinner we didn’t do much. One of my friends went to the night club and because I don’t like clubs I went to do my favorite thing to do on a cruise and sit out on my balcony for a few hours to relax.